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Welcome aboard the USS Triton! The USS Triton has newly been released from standown and is once again active. It is on its first mission with a fresh and growing crew and a new captain.


After the success of the Defiant class ships in the Dominion War, use of these "small but mighty" starships has been expanded throughout Starfleet and the Azeri Fleet is no exception. Armed with photon and quantum torpedoes, pulse phaser cannons and defended with heavy ablative armor, the USS Triton stands ready to assist in the exploratory, diplomatic, and developmental missions of the Federation as well as come to the defensive aid of any ship in the fleet when the call to arms is sounded.

The Triton has standard shuttlecraft for a ship of it's type and also carries a Delta-Flyer Class runabout: the U.S.S. Poseidon.

Ship Awards

Aw u posting.jpg

Unit Posting Commendation:
Awarded to a unit which has all 'active' players post the expected number of quality posts in a month. Awarded by Fleet Admiral T'Ana

2003 May
2003 November
2003 December
2005 December
2006 March
2006 September
2011 December
2012 January
2012 March
2013 May
2013 June
2013 July
2013 August
2013 September
2013 October
2014 February
2014 August
2014 October
2015 January
2015 February

Aw u fleet.gif

Unit Fleet Commendation:
Awarded to a unit which has distinguished itself by meritorious service in the service of the United Federation of Planets over a period of twelve (12) months.

2003 December
2005 November
2006 November

Aw u mission.jpg

Mission Commendation Award:
Awarded to the USS Triton for outstanding performance in the service of the Fleet during a single mission that sets an example for the fleet.

2003 March - Mission 001
2003 June - Mission 002